20 Biggest Designer brands you should definitely know about

Everyone deserves a little luxury now and then and when it comes to luxury shopping, you have got to get yourself acquainted with the top designer brands out there to fulfill all your needs while staying in trend. From basic tees and formals to bags and even underwear, top designer brands aim to deliver the best blend of style and comfort. And as a bonus, you get to show off. However, there are a million brands out there, all expecting you to spend big bucks. But, the real question is how to make sure you receive products of the highest quality while shopping big labels. To help you ease your luxury shopping experience, here is a list of the biggest designer brands you should know about. 

If you think about it, when it comes to luxury shopping, the goal is to create the most head-turning looks while maintaining the perfect blend of trend and comfort. In fact, picking the right designer brands, help people make bold statements. But buying the best designer is no joke. That’s because they are everything but cheap. When it comes to designer brands, it is an ever-evolving market. Whether it is clothes or accessories, here is an attempt to categorize the best designer brands worth every penny, but before that let’s understand what designer brands are. 

Designer brands

You might have overheard people talking about designer brands all the time, or perhaps added to the conversation. However, what exactly makes a brand ‘designer’? Typically designer brand is a label given to any reputed brand which is exclusively marketed under the name famous designer or a founder. These brands are out there making frequent appearances at high-end fashion shows across the world. Most of them have a famous celebrity as their brand ambassador which works as the perfect marketing strategy.

These designer brands are known to sell sought-after products that are exclusively privileged and expensive. Although these luxury goods are made up of high-quality material, the cost of these products definitely exceeds the cost and efforts to produce them. Basically, purchasing luxury brands reflects a higher standard of living as their buyers are willing to pay all the extra bucks to own a luxury label. 

Designer brands or luxury labels are known to sell upscale exclusive and expensive merchandise. These brands might include big names like Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Givenchy, Hermes, Balenciaga, Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci, and Prada.

Whether you’re into streetwear or high-end luxury fashion, you are going to love this little compilation of the best designer brands of 2022. If you’re willing to splurge, trust us, these are the big brands you should be counting on. 

Here are the most exclusive designer brands of 2022, so far:

1. Burberry

man in Burberry tshirt

Originated in: United Kingdom

Year of origin: 1856

Industry: High-end Fashion

You have probably heard of this famous British designer brand. Celebrities like Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, Naomi Campbell, Billie Eilish, and Sienna Miller, have been associated with Burberry. Famous for its unique beige-checked pattern, this popular brand has over 19.6 million followers on Instagram. Whether it’s classic Burberry scarves and Burberry purses to high-end trench coats and bucket hats, this luxury brand has everything. Burberry caters to the needs of men and women with sophisticated tastes all around the world. Although it’s one of the best designer brands when it comes to its reputation and quality, the brand is pretty expensive. An average shirt by Burberry is around $400. Recently Burberry has come up with an AR (Augmented Reality) tool that is a fascinating way to measure your clothes. When comes to luxury, Burberry surely goes the extra mile.

2. Balenciaga


Originated in: Spain

Year of origin: 1919

Industry: High-end Fashion

Another designer brand that’s known for its exquisite craftsmanship and innovative designs is Balenciaga. Balenciaga is a part of Kering, which is a French luxury group. It is a well-known global high-end fashion brand that originated in Spain. While it might look like one of the mens designer brands because of its chunky features, it produces fashion pieces for both men and women. In fact, celebrities from Kim Kardashian, and Dua Lipa to Hailey Bieber, every big celebrity has been repeatedly spotted in statement Balenciaga looks. Balenciaga is one of the leading brands in shoes. In fact, Balenciaga shoes are to die for, however, they come with a heavy price. The brand is one of the most expensive designer brands and is also known for producing bags, bags, wallets, and belts. 

3. Bottega Veneta


Originated in: Italy

Year of origin: 1966

Industry: High-end fashion


From Rihanna and Hailey Bieber, celebrities have always shown their love for Bottega Veneta. One of the most popular Italian designer brands, Bottega Veneta was founded in 1966. The brand is known for its iconic sandals to classic leather bags. Particularly popular for intricate, hand-woven cross-hatches leather and suede this brand is distinctively recognizable. Bottega Venetta is one of the most successful high-end designer brands. If you are looking to splurge you can definitely find your unique aesthetic at Bottega Veneta.

4. Prada


Originated in: Italy

Year of origin: 1913

Industry: High-end fashion

From Cameron Diaz to Robert Pattinson a long list of celebrities have been caught wearing Prada. This iconic high-fashion designer brand has to be a part of the list that talks about luxury brands. Prada is one of the luxury clothing brands, that dates back to 1913. This iconic Italian brand was originated by Mario Prada. From young influencers to celebrities who have been in the industry for years, everyone loves Prada. Whether it’s an elegant Prada handbag or shoes or even perfume, Prada is unbeatable, but so are their pretty prices. 

5. Louis Vuitton

louis Vuitton bag

Originated in: French

Year of origin: 1854

Industry: High-end fashion

Louis Vuitton is arguably the most celebrated high-end fashion brand out there. Right from Louis Vuitton purses to Louis Vuitton sunglasses the brand has been iconic. Founded by Louis Vuitton in 1854, this French fashion brand has been in the limelight ever since. In fact, the brand’s signature brown monogram is a staple among socialites and celebrities. The brand has been known to sell timeless designs. With an aura of exclusivity, LV has been winning hearts for decades with its luxury bags, shoes, watches, jewelry, sunglasses, books, several leather goods, and other accessories. When it comes to men’s designer collections the brand produces sneakers, shoes, wallets, and so much more that are hard to say no to. With an ever-increasing love for the brand, LV is growing bigger every day. Celebrities like Audrey Hepburn, Rihanna, Catherine Deneuve, Kate Moss ·David Beckham Gigi Hadid and so many more are caught with their Louis Vuitton possessions. 

5. Gucci

Gucci accessories

Originated in: Italy

Year of origin: 1921

Industry: High-end fashion


Gucci has been one of the most-worn brands at the red carpet. Whether it is Angelina Jolie, Blake Lively, Anne Hathaway, and even Jennifer Lopez, everyone loves Gucci. Originated in Itlay in 1921, this brand is one of the most adored high-end luxury brands in the world. Gucci has always been known to keep up with the latest fashion trends. In fact, whether it is design, online presence, or marketing, Gucci has always been evolving. Whether it is Gucci sunglasses, Gucci belts, or Gucci shoes, you can find everything in Gucci outlets across the world. In fact, the brand is not limited to women’s collections, you can even log on to Norstrom or Net a porter to find the best of both women’s and men’s collections. 

7. Dior

dior bag

Originated in: France

Year of origin: 1946

Industry: High-end Fashion

Whether it’s Dior sunglasses, Dior perfume, or a Dior dress, the brand has everybody obsessed. Born in 1946, this French brand is highly talked about in every socialite gathering. Dior has always been strategic when it comes to design and marketing which has kept it at forefront of luxury fashion for years. If you want to shop for the right luxury brands, you can never go wrong with Dior. Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence, and Marion Cotillard are the top name associated with Dior. This innovative but traditional brand has consistently maintained its reputation as the acknowledged creator of haute couture

8. Cartier

cartier watch

Originated in: France

Year of origin: 1847

Industry: High-end jewelry

cartier ring

Another designer brand that’s loved for its high-end jewelry pieces is Cartier. Straight out of Europe, Cartier is one of the most luxurious brands that cater to the needs of men and women in need of exquisite high-end jewelry as well as watches. This French brand is known for producing timeless pieces in terms of both design and quality. Owning a Cartier piece is definitely a big deal. One of the leading designer brands out there Cartier has been known to be associated with celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Naomi Watts, Kylie Jenner, Lupita Nyong’o, and Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge.

9. Chanel

designer_brands - chanel

Originated in: France

Year of origin: 1909

Industry: High Fashion

If you haven’t heard of this sought-after luxury brand, you are probably living under a rock. When it comes to designer brands, Chanel is easily one of the best high-end designer brands there are. Today one of the most recognizable luxury brands, Chanel originated in 1909 in France. Chanel has been known to effortlessly evolve by maintaining an active online presence, the brand has over 80 million followers across its social media platforms. Whether it’s Chanel purses or perfumes, the brand always wins hearts. In fact, this French luxury fashion house founded by couturière Coco Chanel produces the best of fashion, fragrance, beauty, watches, and fine jewelry as well.

10. Rolex

gold rolex watch

Originated in: Switzerland

Year of origin: 1905

Industry: High-end Watches

Arguably one of the most prestigious high-end watch brands across the world, Rolex is known to produce an iconic collection of luxury watches for men and women. From sportsmen and film stars to socialites and political figures, Rolex admirers are everywhere. Being one of the most recognizable luxury watch brands, Rolex delivers only high-quality products. Rolex watches are treasured for generations because of their timelessly classic design and reliable function. Featured by Forbes in their top 100 most valuable brands in the world, Rolex is estimated at a brand value of $9.5 billion. Moreover, along with expensive and exquisite new watches by the brand, the price value of vintage Rolex watches continue to rise. 

11. Valentino


Originated in: Italy

Year of origin: 1960

Industry: High-end fashion

Valentino is another long-standing fashion house. Celebrities across the world have adored and worn Valentino apparel on the red carpet. Starts like Anne Hathaway, Zendaya, and Keira Knightley, among many others, absolutely love the brand. This luxury designer brand has never been left behind in terms of popularity. With digital campaigns, live musical performances on the brand’s Instagram account, virtual reality, and interactive user experiences, this Italian brand likes to experiment. From young to the veterans, Valentino has been a go-to brand for generations when it comes to high-end fashion. 

12. Versace


Originated in: Italy

Year of origin: 1978

Industry: High-end fashion

Versace is another high-end fashion brand that was founded way back in 1978 by Gianni Versace. Known for producing high-end flashy fashion pieces, this luxurious Italian fashion brand is definitely hard to afford. Also famous for producing lavish handbags, Versace has also had a distinctive ability to create a big buzz on its social media platforms. With names like Gigi Hadid associated with the brand, Versace continues to attract generations across the world. The brand strives for extravagance and appeals to socialites and celebrities who like to spend.

13. Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany rings

Originated in: The United States

Year of origin: 1837

Industry: High-end Jewelry

This all-American brand originated in 1837 and is another treasured brand for people who have a fondness for exquisite but expensive high-end jewelry. Recently acquired by Italian fashion powerhouse Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co. persists in the production of high-end jewelry to an expansive consumer base. Whether it’s an engagement ring or a dainty piece of jewelry you’d like to gift yourself, Tiffany is the brand. A Tiffany bag is bound to spread smiles across the world. Over 130 years later, a Tiffany engagement ring is still the world’s most popular ring of all time. 

14. Armani

Giorgio Armani

Originated in: Italy

Year of origin: 1975

Industry: High-end Fashion

Armani is a brand that needs no introduction. Founded by Giorgio Armani in 1975, this brand has been here for generations. While Armani has a main line of production for its high-end customers, the brand also produces products for its mid-range consumers under the label Emporio Armani. Along with that, Armani offers a chance of luxury to people who cannot afford big brands under the line called Armani Exchange. Interestingly, Armani has recently joined forces with an enormous online retailer called Yoox Net-a-Porter which manages their online site called This partnership is aimed at making the brand more sustainable and transparent. Celebrities who are fond of this designer brand include names like Lady Gaga, Adele, Billie Eilish, the Vampire Diaries star Candice King, Carey Mulligan, Chrishell Stause, and Claire Holt.

15. Canada Goose 


Originated in: Canada

Year of origin: 1957

Industry: High Fashion

Founded in the year 1957, Canada Goose is one of the world’s foremost makers of luxury apparel. Canada Goose is known to market a wide variety of high-end jackets, parkas, vests, hats, gloves, shells, and other apparel through wholesale and retail stores. Jackets by this label have been staples among generations. Possessing a Canada Goose piece is definitely a power move but it comes with a price. Celebrities like Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, and Emma Stone are spotted in their Canada Goose Jackets multiple times. 

16. Hugo Boss

hugo boss perfume

Originated in: Germany

Year of origin: 1924

Industry: High-end fashion

This German designer brand was founded in 1924 and has been loved by generations ever since. Right from luxury fragrances, and footwear, to apparel and accessories, the brand offers everything for people with exclusive and expensive tastes. This stylish brand is one of the premium high-end luxury fashion brands and offers high-quality, stunning pieces to a number of celebrities. Celebrities who love Hugo Boss include Gerard Butler, Ryan Reynolds, Kendal Jenner, Eddie Redmayne, Liam Hemsworth and so many more.

17. Calvin Klien


Originated in: The United States

Year of origin: 1968

Industry: High-end fashion


Originated in 1968, this luxury designer brand, Calvin Klein has been known to produce a wide range of high-end apparel, accessories, watches, footwear, fragrances, jewelry, and even furniture. In fact, the brand’s CK logo has been the iconic status symbol amongst American shoppers. When it comes to red carpet appearances, celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Fergie, and Katie Holmes have been spotted wearing CK dresses. Particularly recognized for their underwear, Calin Klien has always been in limelight. While Calvin Klien is a high-end brand, it is not as expensive as Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Stars like Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, and Hailey Bieber have been seen promoting the brand multiple times.

18. Alexander McQueen


Originated in: England

Year of origin: 1969

Industry: High-end fashion

Founded in 1969 by a renowned British fashion designer, Lee Alexander McQueen, Alexander Mcqueen has been a prestigious fashion brand ever since. Known for producing designer clothing and accessories for both men and women, this fashion house is loved by all. It is also known for its innovative tailoring which is made using traditional techniques. Along with that, this designer label is also famous for producing punky streetwear and apparel with strong graphic effects. 

19. Dolce & Gabbana


Originated in: Italy

Year of origin: 1985

Industry: High-end Fashion


Dolce & Gabbana is an Italian luxury fashion house founded in 1985 in Legnano by Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Blake Lively, Angelina Jolie, Anna Dello Russo, Riverdale star Madelaine Petsch, and Katy Perry have been spotted multiple times in Dolce & Gabbana apparel. The brand is particularly known for transforming a traditional masculine suit into a feminine insignia of power and confidence.

20. Christian Louboutin


Originated in: France

Year of origin: 1992

Industry: High-end shoes

The brand Christian Louboutin was originated in Paris in the year 1992. Famous for his trademark shiny red-soled shoes, Christian Louboutins are beautifully handcrafted in Italy. Celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Cardi B, Lea Michele, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Hailee Steinfeld, Amy Adams, and Kerry Washington, among many others, have been spotted in their Louboutins. Each handcrafted piece by Louboutins is legendary for its attention to detail found. Their products are specially designed to stand out. With quality craftsmanship and love from celebrities, this brand is one of the best designer brands out there. Along with shoes, bags, accessories, and beauty products for women, Christian Louboutin also produces iconic shoes, bags, and accessories for men. 

With this list of the best designer brands on the market out there, you have a comprehensive guide on which classic high-end labels to spend on. Whether you’re seeking a little taste of luxury or looking to establish a status symbol, these designer brands are just the right picks. While we picked out the top brands, there are several other celebrated brands like Ralph Lauren, Balmain, Hermes, Fendi, and Jimmy Choo which didn’t make our list but are equally reputed and luxurious.  Years ago, purchasing big labels was not easy for everyone but today with online shopping and platforms like Net-A-Porter and Nordstrom the concept of high-end luxury and fashion retail is definitely revolutionized. 

As a bonus, here is a list of all the top designer brands that are equally reputed but are actually affordable. 

Here are some of the best luxuriously affordable designer brands out there.

Tory Burch

  • Trina Turk
  • Ted Baker London
  • Lucky Brand
  • Staud
  • Kate Spade New York
  • Finders Keepers
  • Tory Burch
  • Ganni
  • Rachel Zoe
  • Mara Hoffman
  • Norma Kamali
  • Michael Kors
  • Rixo
  • AYR
  • For Love & Lemons
  • C/MEO Collective

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