Apex players call for a battle pass overhaul with better cosmetics

A Reddit post gaining traction in the Apex Legends community has called for a battle pass that’s less of a “slog” to get through.

As reported by Dexerto, Reddit user DudeWithName shared a screengrab that compared Apex‘s season 14 battle pass, specifically the legendary Caustic skin that’s granted at level 50 of the premium pass, with the battle passes of several other games, including Fortnite. “Does anyone find Apex‘s battle pass enjoyable?” they asked in the title of their post. “Compared to other games, Apex‘s [battle pass] feels like a slog to get through, and it doesn’t have enough good content to justify how long it takes.” At time of writing, the post has 8,400 upvotes, signaling that many fans agree.

Most players centered their complaints on a few aspects of the battle pass. Most of the items granted on Apex‘s free battle pass track are legend-specific trackers, which automatically count a player’s kills and wins during any given season and display them on their banner for that legend. Several commenters mentioned that these trackers feel like “filler items” and that there should be more unique items available in both the free and premium battle pass.

Other fans explained that the battle pass should include skins for every legend in each pass or at least skins for legends who haven’t received a battle pass legendary in a while, like Revenant and Crypto. Many complained about Wraith getting yet another legendary skin, while some expressed the belief that the grind is just too much for the number of skins you do get.

The thread included a variety of comments and suggestions from players, including asking EA and Respawn to model the battle pass after that of other games, like Fortnite and For Honor.

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