Blackpink Jennie’s First Chanel Event Clips Because She Slayed

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Chanel is often the most sought-after ticket at Paris Fashion Week. Similar to how creator Coco populated her salons with the crème de la crème of European high society, her namesake brand has an international cast of ambassadors who stand for the greatest in art and entertainment in its front row. However, one guest stood out from the crowd during Virginie Viard’s fall 2022 collection debut: South Korean singer Jennie, who makes up ¼ of the K-Pop girl duo Blackpink.

In a gamine ensemble from Viard’s pre-fall runway, Jennie, the Show’s scene-stealer, enjoyed her time in the front row when she arrived at the Grand Palais Éphémère. Despite the paparazzi’s attention, she concentrated on fashion, and the fans camped out to see her. She says, “Visiting Chanel is the best, and it’s always exciting to see a new collection.” “Each one offers me unique perspectives and inspirations, but this show was just wonderful!”

Jennie has been a Chanel ambassador since 2017, so she is familiar with the brand’s distinctive features. Viard’s use of the company’s enduring textiles this season was well received. But, she says, “What grabbed me was the focus was on tweed.” “All the styles were outrageously sophisticated, but my favorite was tweed with exquisite accents and colors,” the author said. It was impossible to miss pieces like the strapless cocktail-length checkered gown on model Fran Summers and the elaborately woven pastel coat worn by show opener Vivienne Rohner. In addition, Jennie was astounded by how the material changed the Grand Palais’ set pieces. She claims that tweed was used to embellish the venue itself. It was quite amazing.

Jennie wanted to try something different for Tuesday’s event after frequently donning Chanel’s small black jackets and formal outfits. So instead, she decided to wear a matching embroidered velvet skirt and blouson from Viard’s pre-fall collection, accessorized with diamond and 18k gold Coco crush rings. She looked every bit the fashion designer’s muse. But the celebrity’s vacation wasn’t only for fashion week. Like many others, Jennie considers people-watching the highlight of her time in Paris. She says I enjoy taking strolls across the neighborhoods and discovering new places. “When I have time, I merely stroll through the park or observe people on the street while listening to a few nice tunes.”

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