One of world’s largest cosmetics companies starts scholarship fund with local community college | Southeastern Pennsylvania

NEWTOWN, Pa. – Cosmetics giant Estée Lauder has had a presence in Bucks County for around three decades, and now it’s reinvesting locally to build up its talent supply.

The company announced a donation of $200,000 to Bucks County Community College to launch the Supply Chain Scholars program.

“We saw this partnership was really a marriage made in heaven for us to really invest in that community, invest in the workforce of the future,” said Saverio Marcario, Vice President of North American Manufacturing at Estée Lauder Companies.

It’s the largest corporate donation in the college’s history and covers full tuition for students to attend Bucks the first two years, and then finish their education at Temple University.

Students also can get mentorship and hands-on experience at the company’s facilities in nearby Bristol.

“It really is a great opportunity for young professionals to come in and learn from the ground up,”

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Kill the Justice League sneaks in iconic Suicide Squad cosmetics

The return of the Arkhamverse is set for 2023, as Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League brings forth a new DC Comics adventure. Developer Rocksteady Studios is leaving no stone unturned for DC fans with the game’s battle pass system, which promises a heap of cosmetics potential spanning the wider Suicide Squad lore. It definitely appears that way, as the latest State of Play preview contains a first look at some iconic cosmetics – you just have to be watching it in another region.

Recently developer Rocksteady Studios unveiled the latest look at Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, garnering attention within February’s State of Play presentation. Adopting a live service model akin to Marvel’s Avengers, the game will include a Fortnite-style battle pass and it appears to feature the Suicide Squad’s original outfits.

Players who view the Warner Play Latino version of the preview should wait till the very

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‘Is Mineral Oil in Cosmetics Really Harmful?’

Are you someone who loves to look at the back of the label on all your cosmetics? We don’t blame you — some products have suspicious ingredients that can actually damage your skin (think parabens, formaldehyde, and other toxic chemicals). Yet not all of those mysterious ingredients are inherently evil. Take mineral oil, for example: This moisturizer has gotten a bad rap in recent years, but it might not be as bad as we think. To get a better understanding of the ins and outs of mineral oil (and other cosmetic ingredients), check out the advice below from our expert, Dr. Heather Moday.

Meet our expert.

Heather Moday, MD, is director of the Moday Center in Philadelphia. She is board-certified in allergy and immunology, as well as integrative and holistic medicine. You can follow her on Instagram (@theimmunitymd), where she shares information on health topics. And

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Refresh your makeup with the best brushes on Amazon from E.L.F. Cosmetics, Sigma and more

Shop the best makeup brushes on Amazon.

Shop the best makeup brushes on Amazon.

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The key to flawless-looking makeup is using the right tools to apply your products, i.e., makeup brushes. A quality set helps smooth, buff and blend makeup onto your skin and make it look seamless. Like all beauty products, brushes can deteriorate over time, even with a proper washing routine, so it’s best to replace them once they’re past their prime. (Some signs to look for are the bristles fraying or shedding or the brush smelling off.) Take these hints as your sign to do a thorough spring clean and ditch those old brushes you’ve had for years.

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Though you

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Court dismisses LSK bid to stop increase taxes on alcohol, cosmetics

Prices of bottled water, alcohol, juices, cosmetics and cigarettes are set to rise after a court threw out a bid to suspend the proposed increase of fees on excise duty stamps.

Justice Hedwig Ong’undi on Tuesday dismissed an application by the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) to bar the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) from enforcing the proposed price regulations.

Effect of the part of the regulations -Excise Duty (Excise Goods Management System) (Amendment) Regulations, 2023 -is to adjust and raise the price of excise stamps of the products by up to four times.

The KRA’s proposed regulations will increase the fees of excise stamps for bottled water, juices and any other non-alcoholic drinks, cosmetics, alcoholic beverages, tobacco and nicotine products and export products subject to excise with effect from March 1, 2023.

The higher stamp prices will likely be passed down to the final consumer by producers and importers,

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Fortnite’s Final Update Of The Season Adds More Free Cosmetics To Unlock

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 is drawing to a close very soon, but there’s still plenty of new content here in the season’s final update. In addition to that sick new Adonis Creed outfit from Creed III that’s dropping in the item shop this week, this update is bringing us the return of the extremely retro Six Shooter and Infantry Rifle weapons and a new kind of quest that will require a little bit more brainpower than usual.

Most of these new Cipher Quests will come in your standard quest form: It tells you what your objective is. These are unencrypted Cipher Quests. But you’ll also find quests that are encrypted, and you’ll have to use your smarts to figure out what you’re supposed to actually do. You have to complete each encrypted quest before you can start a new one, and new Cipher Quests will unlock each day

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Complaints about the quality of cosmetics and perfumes increased in Russia

Russians began to buy cosmetics 15% less often. Rospotrebnadzor in February held a “hot line” on the quality and safety of perfumery and cosmetic products. The Russians turned to her 5429 times. A year ago, there were a thousand fewer such appeals. This was reported in the press service of the department.

The specialized hotline of Rospotrebnadzor, which worked from February 6 to February 17, received 5429 calls. This is almost 1.5 thousand more than during a similar action last year, the ministry said.

“Consumers were interested in what mandatory information the labeling of perfumery and cosmetic products should contain, on which products it must be present, what information should be placed on cosmetics for children,” Rospotrebnadzor said.

The buyers also asked the department’s specialists to help draw up claims against the sellers: lawyers helped write 145 appeals.

The volume of counterfeit perfumes in perfumery has been consistently decreasing

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Cancer: Phthalates in cosmetics could increase your risk, according to research

With shelves stocked with products of various sizes, colours and prices, one can spend hours in drugstores, searching for the perfect beauty fix. Whether you end up choosing the bottle that comes with a great price or opt for the one that targets a problem you’re trying to solve, the list of ingredients printed at the back rarely plays a part in this decision-making process. However, a certain chemical hiding in the small, black print that lists ingredients could increase your risk of cancer, according to research.

From skincare to haircare, it doesn’t matter whether your routine consists of expensive bottles and various steps or simply includes one go-to moisturiser and shampoo, various cosmetic products contain phthalates.

New research, published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, found that phthalates in shampoo and other cosmetics can raise women’s risk of diabetes by nearly two-thirds.

However, Dr Deborah Lee,

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LG Electronics announces venture into the cosmetics biz

LG Electronics Inc. revealed on Tuesday, Feb. 28, that it has jumped into the cosmetics business. The South Korean electronics firm said this will be its new business category and will be officially announced on March 27 at the upcoming regular shareholders’ meetings.

As per The Korea Times, LG Electronics is aiming to boost its synergy and cosmetics sales with Pra.L, the beauty device brand of the company. It is also planning to sell cosmetic products that can be used along with its array of beauty and medical devices.

“The addition of the cosmetics sales business reflects the recent market trend in which products combine beauty and medical devices with cosmetics, and is aimed at broadening customer experiences,” an official of LG Electronics said in a statement.

Then again, while LG Electronics is determined to expand in this industry, there are concerns about this business expansion as

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Kylie Jenner responds to accusation she breached cosmetics lab sanitation protocols

Kylie Jenner has responded to the accusation that she breached sanitation protocols in her Kylie Cosmetics lab.

After the make-up mogul posted a series of photos and videos promoting her Kylie Cosmetics brand on Instagram on Tuesday, cosmetics developer Kevin James Bennett took issue with the pictures.

Kylie’s promotional shots featured the 24-year-old in a facility wearing a lab coat and interacting with lab equipment and test products.

Kevin reposted four of Kylie’s photos on his Instagram account and noted that Kylie is not wearing a hair net, mask, shoe covers, or disposable gloves in the snaps. He also slammed the lab for staging the photo-op.

“I need the (lab’s) name because I want to make sure my clients NEVER work with them,” Kevin wrote. “Folks, this is not the way we create cosmetics and misrepresents how our industry works. Credible manufacturers follow STRICT sanitation protocols to protect you.”


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