Kylie Jenner hits back at criticism for not following hygiene protocols at Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Jenner, 24, countered the criticism for appearing in the laboratory of her makeup line Kylie Cosmetics in Milan, Italy, without gloves, a cap and other equipment in compliance with the rules of sanitary protection.

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The businesswoman shared a series of photos on her Instagram showing the cosmetics manufacturing process. “In the lab creating new magic for you guys. Better than ever”,  she wrote in the publication. But this time Kylie made a bad impression. Cosmetics developer Kevin James made a post on his profile criticizing Jenner’s attitude.

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“I’m a cosmetic developer and work with cosmetic manufacturers (and their labs) as part of my job. I have very short hair, and I’ve never been allowed into the lab or onto the manufacturing floor without a hair net, shoe covers, mask.and disposable gloves. Kylie is gaslighting her followers into thinking she is creating cosmetics”, wrote James.

“And I’d like to know what ignorant manufacturer (in Italy) let her stage this photo-op in their lab and on the manufacturing floor – without following proper sanitation protocols. I need the name because I want to make sure my clients never work with them. Folks, this is not the way we create cosmetics and misrepresents how our industry works. Credible manufacturers follow strict sanitation protocols to protect you”, continued. 

In the comments, Kylie defended herself. “This picture is not taken in a manufacturing facility. I would never bypass sanitary protocols and neither would any other celeb or beauty brand owner. That’s completely unacceptable, I agree”, Kim Kardashian’s younger sister said. “This is a small personal space creating my own fun samples and taking pictures for content nowhere near the mass manufacturing. no one is putting customers at risk! shame on you kevin for spreading false information!!!!”. 

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