Kylie Jenner responds to claims of unsanitary protocol at Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Jenner has responded to kylie-jenner-hairnet-gloves-lab-backlash-b2138465.html” data-ylk=”slk:accusations that she had not employed proper sanitation protocols” class=”link “>accusations that she had not employed proper sanitation protocols at her manufacturing lab for Kylie Cosmetics.

On Wednesday (3 August), the 24-year-old founder visited the cosmetics factory for ner namesake beauty brand in Milan, Italy.

While there, Jenner shared a series of behind-the-scenes photographs to offer fans a glimpse at upcoming Kylie Cosmetics products.

“We are in Milan for 24 hours to visit all of the makeup factories to check on new Kylie Cosmetics stuff coming that I am very excited about, and I wanted to take you guys along with me,” Jenner said in a TikTok video posted to her account.

“Perfecting new @kyliecosmetics in Italy today,” she captioned the video.

In the clip, Jenner is wears a white lab coat as she observes some of her brand’s makeup products being made.

The reality star was filmed pouring a shimmer powder into a measuring cup, and testing a cream concealer or foundation on her hand.

She also shared some photos on Instagram of herself mixing ingredients together. “In the lab creating new magic for you guys,” she captioned the post.

However, many fans responded by pointing out that Jenner did not appear to be wearing PPE – personal protective equipment – during her visit at the cosmetics lab.

Without a hairnet, Jenner’s long black hair was exposed in many of the photos, while her nails were seen handling the products without gloves.

Emmy award-winning makeup artist and cosmetic developer Kevin James Bennett called out Jenner on his own account and accused her of “gaslighting” her customers.

“I’m a cosmetic developer and work with cosmetic manufacturers (and their labs) as part of my job,” he captioned his post.

“I have very short hair, and I’ve NEVER been allowed into the lab or onto the manufacturing floor without a hair net, shoe covers, mask…and disposable GLOVES.”

Now, Jenner has responded to the claims, writing a comment on Bennett’s post explaining that the photographs were not taken in a manufacturing facility.

“Kevin – this picture is not taken in a manufacturing facility,” she began.

“I would never bypass sanitary protocols and neither would any other celeb or beauty brand owner. That’s completely unacceptable I agree.

“This is a small personal space creating my own fun samples and taking pictures for content nowhere near the mass manufacturing. No one is putting customers at risk! Shame on you Kevin for spreading false information!!!!”

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