Legends of Runeterra introduces a bunch of card adjustments courtesy of patch 3.13, alongside some new cosmetics to earn

Riot Games has announced the next patch for its extremely popular card game based on the equally popular League of Legends property; Legends of Runeterra. This patch doesn’t bring anything too massive with it in terms of content but does welcome some card adjustments as well as a look at the Seasonal cosmetic rewards for high-ranking players.

Let’s go over some of the card changes. Unfortunately, going over ALL of the card adjustments featured in this patch would equal out to about three articles worth of text, so we’ll just highlight some of the bigger ones, alongside the image below that sums up all of them in a digestible form. First up, we’ve got a nerf to Illaoi, bringing her base card stats from 1|6 to 1|5 at level 1 and 2|7 to 2|6 at level 2. Tentacle Smash has also been nerfed to spawn 2 tentacles instead of 3.

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Next, Karma received a light buff in stats, upping her HP by 1 at both level 1 and level 2. Then, A Gnar quality-of-life buff changes his ability to reduce the cost of Pokey Stick by 2 instead of 1. And finally, to end the highlights, Zilean’s Careful Preparation, a brand new card, has been introduced. To play it, you’ll place a card from your hand into your deck. You’ll then predict and create an exact copy of the chosen card in hand, and then also create a Zilean in your deck. It’s a complex card, but it brings a lot of flavour to Zilean-themed decks.

Those are the biggest changes, but there’s still an abundance of other cards that received some adjustments. For a detailed list, you can check out the official Runeterra website patch notes. Of note with these card changes are the new Seasonal cosmetic rewards as well, which are a new card back and icon, alongside an optional new Board you can purchase for real money in the shop!

In the meantime, if you’d like to see how the meta gets affected by all these changes, you can try out Legends of Runeterra yourself for free by checking out either of the links below!

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