Splatoon 3 has two years of new cosmetics & weapons planned

Players can look forward to new catalogues of items and new weapons every three months for the next two years once Splatoon 3 launches.

Splatoon 3 is going to be big on the cosmetics. After all, the game is incredibly stylish and dressing your Inkling to your liking from a fine array of clothing, hair, and other style options is going to be a fun part of standing out in the Splat Zone. Fortunately, Nintendo is going to offer players plenty of options, both at Splatoon 3’s start and after the game launches. Nintendo confirmed that it has about 2 years of plans for post-launch cosmetics, and new weapons coming to the game as well.

Nintendo confirmed its cosmetic roadmap via the Splatoon 3 Nintendo Direct presentation on August 10, 2022. According to Nintendo, Splatoon 3 will be getting new in-game catalogues of cosmetic items every three months for the next two years after Splatoon 3’s launch. New weapons will also be released for Splatoon 3 on the same time frame of every three months, allowing players to play and splat opponents in fun new ways. Finally, Nintendo also confirmed that largescale paid DLC is also planned for the game.

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Not only will Splatoon 3 be getting seasonal catalogues of new cosmetics and items, but new weapons will launch on a seasonal basis too.
Source: Nintendo

It could very well have been expected that Splatoon 3 would have a long tail of planned content, but it sounds like we’ve got quite a start ahead of us. With new cosmetics and weapons coming on a schedule of every three months, we should have plenty of ways to dress and fight after a couple years. Moreover, there’s no telling what comes after that two years comes to an end. For instance, we don’t know what the paid DLC Nintendo is planning for Splatoon 3 will look like.

We already know Splatfests are making their exciting return with Tricolor Turf Wars in Splatoon 3, so there’s a lot of exciting things on the way to the September 2022 release date. Stay tuned as we await further details on seasonal cosmetics, weapons, DLC, and other Splatoon 3 fun.

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