Kylie Just Had a Full Comment War With a Makeup Artist Who Said She Broke Health Protocols at Her Kylie Cosmetics Lab

Photo credit: Getty Images

Photo credit: Getty Images

ICYMI, a whole saga has been unfolding on Instagram involving Kylie Jenner and makeup artist Kevin James Bennett. The drama started when Kylie shared a post on her grid that included pictures and videos of her “in the lab creating new magic” for her Kylie Cosmetics fans.

In said pictures/videos, Kylie is wearing a lab coat, but no other PPE, while she poses in the lab, inspecting equipment, leaning over containers of brightly-colored cosmetic concoctions and even scooping ingredients from one glass beaker into another. The content clearly seems designed to look like Kylie doing makeup science and being hands-on in the development of new Kylie Cosmetics products.

In an accompanying TikTok video from the same day, Kylie added some context, explaining to her followers, “We are in Milan for 24 hours to visit all of the makeup factories to check on new Kylie Cosmetics

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