The Best Financial Apps and Services of 2022



Veronica Cerri

You’re smart with money—yay! If you’re ready to be brilliant with it, here are the best apps, accounts, and tools (chosen by an independent panel of financial pros) to help you save, invest, get tax guidance, or just use your dang credit card points without tears. The winners of our 2022 Smart Money Awards are here to help you earn, save, and grow your money. Ka-ching!

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Save Up for Big Purchases

Accrue Savings

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Throwing down a card for something you think you need ASAP—like a new guestroom mattress before the in-laws visit—can seem like a good idea…until the bill comes. When you’re itching for a spendy item, Accrue holds you accountable. Choose your splurge from one of its partner brands (Casper, Smile Direct Club, fine jewelry companies, and more) and make a savings plan. Get cash rewards

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