Two years in the making, these jeans are the antidote to fast fashion

When Levi Strauss invented the blue jean in 1873, it was a feat of design. Made from copper rivet-reinforced denim, they could withstand years of manual labor, while still projecting an air of effortless cool. But today, jeans are just another example of disposable fast fashion. Brands like Shein and H&M crank out cheap, trendy pairs every season, designed to be thrown out within months—contributing to the 2 billion pairs churned out every year.

[Photo: courtesy Asket]

What would it take to turn back the clock and return to Strauss’ original vision for his iconic pants? Asket, a Swedish startup founded in 2015, is on a mission to find out. While fashion brands typically design new collections every season, Asket (the Swedish term for “ascetic”) has created one permanent collection of 30 classic, versatile garments that the company promises will last years of wear and never be phased out.

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