Try these 5 interior design tips to end up with the kitchen of your dreams

I’m not a real interior designer, I just play one on Instagram.

Kidding. I didn’t study design but have designed and renovated around a dozen kitchens over the last few years. Each has been unique, but my favorite project so far has been the complete, to-the-dirt renovation of the kitchen in a big, old Victorian in Beechmont that my best friend and I bought two years ago to “flip.” (That’s air quotes because we poured every ounce of love and attention to detail into this kitchen ― and entire home, for that matter ― that we would have in either of our own homes.)

There were certainly challenges designing a kitchen with someone else, but the finished space ― which we wrapped less than 24 hours ago as I write this ― is truly a dream.

We cooked the inaugural meal there last night (lemon and summer squash

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