Kate Middleton intentional style mistake proves she’s ‘mastered the art of fashion’

Long gone are the coat dresses for regular public engagements, Kate, Princess of Wales has established her go-to work wear pieces consisting of fine knits or blouses, sometimes with a jacket or long coat over the top, and smart trousers. In recent years, Kate has swapped the traditional button-down shirt for blouses with silk ties at the neckline, but in 2019 she made a fashion faux pas.

In March 2019 when visiting the Henry Fawcett Children’s Centre, Kate chose a beautiful purple blouse.

The top was from designer brand Gucci, and it was its pussy bow silk crepe blouse in violet orchid.

The relaxed style featured a neck tie and was crafted in Italy from silk georgette.

It was priced at £799 and Net-A-Porter described the item as: “Cut from fluid silk-crepe, this style has a loose silhouette and features fabric-covered buttons that run down the back.”

But Kate didn’t

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Fashion influencer shares style mistake which can age women by ‘two decades’

Fashion and beauty influencer Shea Whitney shared with her one-and-a-half million subscribers how women can age themselves unnecessarily with a few style mishaps.

Fashion and what looks good is subjective and honouring your personal style is paramount.

However, according to the influencer, there are some objectively ageing garments and accessories that people could do with ditching in order to look younger instantly.

According to Shea, there is one type of handbag women overwear but shouldn’t.

She told her subscribers that handbags with pockets on the outside are dated and “ageing” – “they look so not good”.

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She said: “I know a lot of you guys like your organisation and you want to have a spot for your chapstick, a spot for your keys. I understand the appeal but it’s going to age you by like two decades.”

She continued: “There

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Cancer: Phthalates in cosmetics could increase your risk, according to research

With shelves stocked with products of various sizes, colours and prices, one can spend hours in drugstores, searching for the perfect beauty fix. Whether you end up choosing the bottle that comes with a great price or opt for the one that targets a problem you’re trying to solve, the list of ingredients printed at the back rarely plays a part in this decision-making process. However, a certain chemical hiding in the small, black print that lists ingredients could increase your risk of cancer, according to research.

From skincare to haircare, it doesn’t matter whether your routine consists of expensive bottles and various steps or simply includes one go-to moisturiser and shampoo, various cosmetic products contain phthalates.

New research, published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, found that phthalates in shampoo and other cosmetics can raise women’s risk of diabetes by nearly two-thirds.

However, Dr Deborah Lee,

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