Cancer: Phthalates in cosmetics could increase your risk, according to research

With shelves stocked with products of various sizes, colours and prices, one can spend hours in drugstores, searching for the perfect beauty fix. Whether you end up choosing the bottle that comes with a great price or opt for the one that targets a problem you’re trying to solve, the list of ingredients printed at the back rarely plays a part in this decision-making process. However, a certain chemical hiding in the small, black print that lists ingredients could increase your risk of cancer, according to research.

From skincare to haircare, it doesn’t matter whether your routine consists of expensive bottles and various steps or simply includes one go-to moisturiser and shampoo, various cosmetic products contain phthalates.

New research, published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, found that phthalates in shampoo and other cosmetics can raise women’s risk of diabetes by nearly two-thirds.

However, Dr Deborah Lee,

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