Oregon wildfires: What to know about flame-retardant wool, denim and other clothing options

It’s important to have an emergency “go bag” packed with essentials and ready to be grabbed quickly if you have to flee your home because of a wildfire or other disaster.

Most emergency preparedness checklists say to have hard-soled shoes to wear to protect your feet from embers or glass shattered by heat.

Fire experts also suggest wearing flame-resistant garments, from head to toe, if possible.

But don’t spend time during an emergency looking for the right clothing, said Stacey Todd, an emergency management specialist for Klamath County, Oregon. It’s more important that you leave your home quickly.

If you want to assemble a set of low-flammable clothes in advance of an emergency, here is information about fabrics that are less combustible than others.

No fabric is fireproof, but some are more resilient to heat. People who work in fire service, research labs, electrical utilities and oil and gas

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