Kill the Justice League sneaks in iconic Suicide Squad cosmetics

The return of the Arkhamverse is set for 2023, as Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League brings forth a new DC Comics adventure. Developer Rocksteady Studios is leaving no stone unturned for DC fans with the game’s battle pass system, which promises a heap of cosmetics potential spanning the wider Suicide Squad lore. It definitely appears that way, as the latest State of Play preview contains a first look at some iconic cosmetics – you just have to be watching it in another region.

Recently developer Rocksteady Studios unveiled the latest look at Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, garnering attention within February’s State of Play presentation. Adopting a live service model akin to Marvel’s Avengers, the game will include a Fortnite-style battle pass and it appears to feature the Suicide Squad’s original outfits.

Players who view the Warner Play Latino version of the preview should wait till the very

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