High stakes in a fashion forward world

August 07, 2022


Most first-generation Pakistani immigrants living in Italy have limited education and training. The majority are stuck in low income activities such as picking fruit and vegetables, managing livestock, working as un-skilled or semi-skilled workers in factories, and selling trinkets often on the beaches during the summer. However, second generation Pakistanis are beginning to break out, creating new lives, and reaching for success.

Farwa Zulfiqar arrived in Macerta, Italy in 1995 when she was five years old, moving with her family from Bhurewala, near Multan. Finding herself in a new country, unable to speak a word of Italian, she was frightened and disoriented, scared of even leaving the house. While at elementary and middle school she struggled to learn Italian and make friends. She often felt isolated and marginalised. Soon after 9/11, when she was still only 11 years old, Farwa began facing racist bullying. Her

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DACA was meant to be temporary. 10 years later, immigrants want relief.

One woman fears being returned to the Middle East after living most of her life in Florida. A North Carolina man moved to Mexico rather than live under the constant threat of deportation. One woman needs a lifesaving kidney transplant but cannot qualify for one without a green card.

Beneficiaries of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, are protected from deportation and given permission to legally work in the United States. The policy serves immigrants who were brought here as children.

But the program, which turns 10 on Monday, has been under steady attack – from former President Donald Trump, a barrage of lawsuits and state and federal lawmakers who argue it is illegal to allow some immigrants to stay here without an act of Congress. A federal appeals court in New Orleans is expected to rule on the policy this year.

“A policy that

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