Jewelry Insurance & Engagement Ring Insurance

Who needs insurance for jewelry?

If you have an engagement ring or other valuable jewelry, a standalone jewelry insurance policy can protect it with specialized coverage.

While your homeowners, renters, or condo insurance may offer coverage for jewelry, you’d need to add a rider for the pieces you want insured, and making a jewelry claim could affect your entire property insurance rate. With a dedicated policy through Lavalier, you get specialized, “all risk” coverage, and your rate won’t automatically increase if you make a claim.

How does jewelry insurance work?

Jewelry insurance works by protecting you from the cost of your jewelry getting lost, damaged, or stolen. If that happens, you’ll make a claim and Lavalier will work with you and your preferred jeweler to repair or replace the piece.

You’ll have a chance to approve the repair or replacement before the claim is completed. Lavalier will pay

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