Julia Fox to Host E!’s New Unconventional Fashion Design Competition Series ‘OMG Fashun’ With Law Roach

Actress, model and fashion boundary-breaker julia-fox-down-the-drain-book-press-tour-looks-1235883132/” data-ylk=”slk:Julia Fox;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas” class=”link “Julia Fox will cohost a new design competition on E! with celebrity stylist Law Roach. Announced on Thursday, the reality series is titled “OMG Fashun” and is set to premiere on May 6.

Produced by Scout Productions, the same company behind Netflix’s “Queer Eye,” the new show will feature three “fashion disruptors” on each episode. The contestants will race against the clock to craft bold looks inspired by Fox’s ideas while using unconventional materials and techniques.

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The “disruptors” will present their creations to Fox, Roach and a rotating expert guest judge, who will award the week’s winner a $10,000 cash prize. Fox will also model the winning garment.

“‘OMG Fashun’ is shaping the future of fashion, emphasizing sustainability, upcycling, and creative craftsmanship to restore integrity to this art form,” Fox said in

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