jewellery with love motifs you should know

Jewellers, like artists, take great inspiration from romance. From hearts and Cupid’s bows to flora and fauna, even Morse code, here are just a few love motifs we think you should know about.

Love is the overarching emotion that governs our lives – romance, desire, devotion, passion, affection and courtship – these themes are as universal as the art they inspire, in music, literature, painting and sculpture – and, of course, in jewellery. The act of presenting jewellery as a symbol of love and commitment dates to ancient times – the tradition of giving a betrothal or a wedding band came from ancient Rome. In medieval times, hiding secret messages in the inner or outer band rose in popularity with posy rings; and during the Victoria era, acrostic rings, which spell out words through the first letter of each gemstone, made their first appearance.

Throughout the centuries, we’ve devised a

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