Rohan Pariyar 2024 collection launch in Kolkata | Designer Rohan Pariyar launches 2024 couture collection in Kolkata’s Indian Museum at A Baroque Extravagance,

An era of extravagance in art, architecture and design, baroque
emerged as a distinct style in 17th and early 18th-century Europe, and was
characterised by dramatic silhouettes and elaborate ornamentation. From art and
design to music and fashion, the era was marked by emphasising grandeur,
emotional intensity, and a sense of movement. In fashion, baroque-inspired
designs often feature intricate patterns, rich fabrics and embellishments,
reflecting the opulence and theatricality of the time.

Fashion designer Rohan
Pariyar’s latest collection taps into this dramatic European era, and to launch
the couture collection, he collaborated with Alliance Francaise du Bengale and
the French Consulate in Kolkata to host ‘A Baroque Extravagance’ at the Indian
Museum, on February 3. While Pariyar presented 30 outfits from the line-up,
French consul general in Kolkata, Didier Talpain, conducted the Kolkata
Sinfonietta with pieces by Antonio Lucio Vivaldi. The event was held in
association with Alliance Francaise du

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