Challenge Group flies in style for fashion week

February is the month of the world’s four most prominent Fashion Weeks. As an established fashion logistics expert, Challenge Group is actively involved, transporting top designer pieces across the world.

10:00 on a Monday morning in Milan, Italy. A well-known designer label has just completed a final, last-minute collection which is listed to show at the New York Fashion Week in the following few days. The designer’s logistics manager immediately contacts Challenge Air Cargo, who arrange for a dedicated truck to collect the valuable haute couture and deliver it to Challenge Handling at Liège Airport in Belgium later that evening. Experienced Challenge handling staff carefully transfer the high-priority shipment from the truck and load it onto the waiting Challenge Airlines BE New York flight. The Boeing 747 freighter takes off the next morning, arriving in New York that same afternoon. Less than 48 hours after the urgent Milan phone-call, the

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