5 Local Running Stores Around Ocean and Monmouth County NJ

Some dates are pretty important to remember.

Like your significant others birthday, when a job interview is, when the milk in your fridge expires, there’s a lot to keep in mind!

One date that always sticks in my head is the date I decided to start running and getting in shape.

For years, I did marching band and that kept me moving in high school and college, but after graduating college that stopped.

Photo by Rojan Maharjan on Unsplash

Photo by Rojan Maharjan on Unsplash

So on December 25th, 2015 I decided to start running, working out, and trying to stay in some sort of shape.

I’m happy to say that to this day, seven years later, exercise is still a regular part of my life.

Just this morning, I cranked out 4 miles on the Seaside Heights boardwalk before getting ready for work.

It was while running that I

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