Meta, Storytelling Opportunities for Luxe Brands in the Metaverse and What Fashion Can Learn From Wendy’s

Nicola Mendelsohn, vice president of global business group at Meta, knows fashion has always had a story to tell. She also knows the metaverse is the incoming, omni-sensory platform for putting those stories out. And contrary to the industry’s entry into e-commerce, she said, “The fashion industry has actually been really early adopters of trying and experimenting with what the opportunities of the metaverse can be. And there are so many.”

Perhaps as the New York City subway has been seen as a great equalizer, the metaverse also levels the playing field — only, a virtual one. It’s a place where a 13-year-old could be the next Chanel, Anna Wintour isn’t the only habitual front row fixture at runway shows and flitting from one major fashion week to the next isn’t limited to the editorial and influencer elite. What’s more, in a choose-your-own-adventure virtual world where anything is possible,

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