Pitch Deck Example Verishop Fashion Startup Used to Raise $40 Million

  • Verishop, an online marketplace for independent and emerging brands, launched in 2018. 
  • Verishop was cofounded by former Snap exec Imran Khan and ex-Quidsi head Cate Khan.
  • Read the 16-page pitch deck the founders used to raise a $40 million Series B round in July. 

When former Snap chief strategy officer Imran Khan and his wife, former Quidsi head Cate Khan, founded Verishop in 2018, they sought to create a marketplace that offered assistance to luxury brands, a clientele they felt had been largely overlooked by bigger online retailers like Amazon and Walmart.  

“We wanted to create a platform that connects these independent and emerging brands with their fans and customers,” Khan told Insider.

Verishop operates as an online marketplace where shoppers can purchase items from independent and emerging luxury brands on their desktop and mobile devices. The marketplace includes features like feeds for collections and items; the ability

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