‘Forever Chemicals’ Found In Cookware, Cosmetics Linked To Liver Cancer: Study


  • Researched studied blood and tissues samples of 100 people
  • They found a direct link between exposure to forever chemicals and liver cancer
  • PFOS exposure can hamper basic liver functions and metabolic activities

A recent study has revealed a concerning connection between the most prevalent type of liver cancer and some man-made chemicals found in industrial items, often known as “forever chemicals.”

It is reportedly the first study in humans to precisely relate liver cancer to “forever chemical” exposure. The term “forever chemicals” refer to polyfluoroalkyl compounds (PFAS), which can last in the environment for decades and have the potential to resist disintegration. They cause air pollution and can harm the organ tissues in exposed humans and animals, CTV News reported.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, PFAS were first introduced in the 1930s as a revolutionary material used in the development of nonstick cookware like

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