Top designer fragrances and their dupes

So many fragrances to choose from!

So many fragrances to choose from!

How often have you smelled a scent on someone, so delicious you did a double take when they walked past you? I know I have, and there’s no doubt about how a good scent can uplift a person’s general physical and sexual appeal.

Like malls, airports and designer stores, humans, too, can brand their image with a signature scent. Designer fragrances like Chanel N°5 Eau de Parfum Spray, Dior Sauvage, Hugo Men EDT, YSL Black Opium and more are just some of the most iconic and bestselling fragrances in the world, with some made with hard-to-obtain ingredients while others are known for their unique scents.

But, why is it so hard to smell good at a wallet-friendlier price? The industry-accepted reason is that perfume oils can be hard to obtain, and the percentage of perfume oils to alcohol used in high-end fragrances

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