47 things to do in Orange County when you’re bored

Whenever a friend asks where we should go, I send them “the list.”

It’s what we call the messy page in my Notes app, a compilation of Orange County spots that my friends and I love enough to go to regularly. And, it’s saved us hours of time.

It started with a recurring dilemma in my driveway — me settled crisscrossed behind the wheel, my friend’s Adidas kicked up on the dash, the Kia spouting ‘70s music as we brainstormed places to drive to. At best, it took at least 20 minutes to settle on an activity, but at worst it took two hours and ended with a defeated trek back to my couch. We live in one of the most sought-after areas in the country, and — “There’s nothing to do.”

Orange County offers way more to do than Disneyland. Aside from the perk of usually free parking, it’s

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