Embattled and Robbed Pastor Lamor Whitehead Speaks His Truth: ‘I’m a Victim, Not a Villain’ | EURexclusiveWATCH

*Brooklyn Bishop Lamor M. Whitehead of Tomorrow International Ministries is a hot topic after he and his wife were robbed during a live stream of approximately one million dollars of jewelry during his sermon.

Now, rumors swirl that it might be insurance fraud and the media has painted him as a flamboyant pastor with a questionable and criminal past. But some are questioning the media’s portrayal.  Is it a double standard? Is it racism?

Is there any evidence of insurance fraud?

The Bishop, who is known for close ties to New York mayor Eric Adams,  sits down with iHeart radio personality and Spotlight host Jazmyn ‘Jaz’ Summers to set the record straight in an EXCLUSIVE interview.

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robbed at gunpoint
Lamor Whitehead and his wife

Describe for us that moment when

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Extra! Extra! Rochester Shoe Repair Shop for Sale!

Is Rochester’s Shoe Repair Shop count ready to drop from one to none?

Back in April, Boston Shoe and Boot Repair in the Apache Mall, announced they were closing their doors. Boston Shoe and Boot Repair has been open in Rochester for 104 years, the last 50 at the mall.   Now another shoe repair shop’s building has popped up for sale.

Perusing real estate for sale is one of my weekly “chores.” That’s in quotes because I love jumping on the internet doohickey, searching “real estate for sale” and touring homes and businesses…and sometimes just plots of land.

This lot at4 4th Street and Broadway Avenue for sale – asking price is 2, 990,000. CLICK FOR AGENT’S LINK (Google Street View)
This lot at 4 4th Street and Broadway Avenue is for sale – the asking price is 2, 990,000. CLICK FOR AGENT’S LINK (Google Street View)

That’s how I

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