Adrienne Smith is chasing excellence and equality, inspiring NFL allies

Boston Renegades wide receiver Adrienne Smith reflects on a historic WFA season as the Renegades relish a four-peat championship year.

Many football fans recall their first memory seeing the NFL on television. A three-year-old Adrienne Smith was among them, and she even began practicing her moves against a formidable opponent: a teddy bear named Ginger.

“I was three years old, and for whatever reason, I was enamored with the NFL,” Smith said. “I used to watch it with my parents and my teddy bear Ginger, and I used to tackle Ginger for hours.”

Smith laughs about the memory now, but her supportive parents took her love of the sport seriously. Her father played catch with her in the backyard, and Adrienne hung tough as she played with the neighborhood boys.

“I was very fortunate, I had parents that encouraged me no matter what,” she said. “And when I was seven,

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