Why are products like Old Spice, Colgate and Dawn being locked up at drug stores?

Related video above: Retailer trade group wants online platforms to crack down on resale of stolen goodsThese days, it feels like many stores are fortresses.Most of the products on the drug store shelf are behind lock and key, even everyday items such as deodorant, toothpaste, candy, dish detergent, soap and aluminum foil. Manufacturers that supply lock cases and devices to chains have seen their businesses boom.Walgreens and Rite Aid have said that the problem of organized retail crime — rings of criminals that steal products from stores and then often resell them on online marketplaces — is causing them to lock more products up and close some stores.Locking up their shelves is a last resort for stores, but it has never been more widely practiced. It’s also become a growing irritation for shoppers and a source of frustration for some employees who must walk around the store with keys at … Read the rest