Student Lookout: Hang out at the Watsonville Hangar and the return of the Santa Cruz County Fair

What’s happening, folks,

I hope the second half of the summer has treated you well, and that the looming start dates — Aug. 29 for Cabrillo College and Sept. 22 for UC Santa Cruz — aren’t giving you the summer equivalent of the Sunday scaries. If you’ve been in Santa Cruz or back home with few friends to keep you company, though, you might just be ready to get back into the swing of things.

Meanwhile, I’ve decided that I’ll finally be going to Pinnacles National Park for a day or two on my trip next week, and following it up with a day in San Francisco for my girlfriend’s 24th birthday.

It’s been forever (a whole pandemic’s worth of time) since I’ve gone to a national park, so I can’t wait! I’ll take pictures just for you, friends.

Well then, let’s get started …

If you are a student

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