Remarkable Tips in Choosing Best Clothing Stores in Canada

Choosing the best clothing stores in Canada could be challenging and time-consuming. So we have compiled a list of 6 remarkable tips and tricks to help you make things a little easier on yourself. These tips should save you hours of research and ensure you get the best possible shopping experience for your money.

1. Location

When you are ready to begin your shopping expedition, it is a good idea to start by determining the best location. Various factors can ultimately decide your decision, but providing you with the best bang for your buck will be vital for long-term success. Safety and security are two factors that you should always consider before any shopping trip. You would want to make sure you are purchasing from a well-lit and well-positioned, Nicelocal store so that you can easily access your items when it comes time to pay and leave. Nor would

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80-year-old store owner speaks out after shooting attempted armed robber

An 80-year-old store owner has spoken out about shooting an attempted armed robber who pointed an AR-15 at him.

“It was him or me,” the store owner insisted.

Craig Cope was seen on surveillance video pulling out a shotgun at Norco Market & Liquor store in Norco, California, and blasting the gunman.

“There wasn’t much time to think about it, the guy pointed the gun directly at me and then it was him or me,” Mr Cope told FOX11.

“I was not going to give him a chance. I recognised it as a semi automatic, and maybe someone had converted it into an automatic, the equivalent of a machine gun, but I’m not going to let him get the first shot off at that point.”

Asked what his advice to any other would-be robbers was, he smiled and replied, “This isn’t a good place to pick.”

Mr Cope

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