The 10 Best High-Street Blazers, According To A Stylist

I’ll admit it, I’m an absolute sucker for high street fashion. Of course, we all enjoy the odd splurge every now on then—especially on those items we’ve been eyeing up for a while and know will be staples in our wardrobes for years to come. That being said, there’s nothing quite like heading to Oxford Street to dive head first into the best variety of the great British high street. With the boom in online shopping over the last few years, my bedroom has doubled into a makeshift changing room and dispatch centre for all my returns, meaning I’m rarely afforded the opportunity to step into my favourite stores anymore.

As a teenager, some of my best days were spent window shopping in and around central London. So, despite missing some absolute classics (That corner doesn’t look the same without Topshop, and we’re just grateful it’s now available on ASOS!) I had a fabulous time trying on some of the best of the best on the high street, all in the name of work. And one classic item that stood out time and time again while I was trying on the new-season collections was the blazer. What I found was truly perfection; from bright blazers perfect for spring to classic houndstooth styles that will work in the office and beyond, the amount on offer was absolutely endless. And all at reasonable price points, too.

The pieces I spotted were so impressive, it was hard to choose only 10. However, I’ve tried my very best to narrow it down to my absolute favourites. Scroll down to discover the best high-street blazers available in stores now, as well as my honest thoughts on cut, colour and fit. 

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