What is permanent jewelry? Learn about forever bracelets here

What is permanent jewelry? Here’s what you need to know about getting zapped.

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From bolts and bars in my ears that I simply refuse to remove (sorry, mom) to necklaces and rings that are definitive fixtures of my personal style, almost all of my daily jewelry feels pretty permanent. In reality, I only have one truly permanent accessory and truth be told, I didn’t know what a permanent bracelet was before I got one. It has been about five years since I got zapped and I am still obsessed with my forever bracelet—and I’m here to address some of the questions you might have about permanent jewelry. 

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What is permanent jewelry?

Permanent jewelry isn’t a new trend but it has gained serious momentum in the last few years. Instead of utilizing a traditional clasp, permanent bracelets, rings and necklaces are welded together on your body. Some brands specialize in this type of jewelry alone while others have added the trend to their list of services. 

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What kinds of permanent jewelry can I get?

You can find permanent bracelets, rings, anklets and necklaces at various jewelry stores and retailers. The most popular type of permanent jewelry is the bracelet. Places like Catbird NYC and LoveWeld NYC offer their chain bracelets in simple, clasp-free styles with the option to add charms. La Daje jewelry offers Forever Locked permanent bracelets with a unique patented clasp that locks the bracelet together. Like other zapped permanent bracelets, the La Daje Forever Locked bracelet would need to be cut in order to be removed. 

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Catbird NYC and Astrid and Miyu in New York City both offer online booking for permanent jewelry appointments.

How does permanent jewelry work?

The process might change slightly depending on where you go but typically, the retailer will size a chain to fit your wrist, cut it and weld both ends around your wrist for a clasp-free permanent bracelet. The process takes a few minutes at most. La Daje is one brand that offers an at-home process for their Forever Locked jewelry collection. “The Forever Locked bracelet represents a permanent bond and does not slide off or clasp off. Our process is a bit different as we have customers gather in their own environments, whether in their home or a restaurant for a celebration. We wanted to make the experience and their event much more memorable,” the brand’s founder, Carmen Meli says.

La Daje jewelry's Forever Locked collection allows customers to lock their bracelet on from the comfort of their own home.

What is the point of permanent jewelry?

People gravitate towards permanent jewelry as a style statement, for sentimental reasons and as romantic gestures. Two friends might get permanent bracelets to represent the strength of their bond or a couple might opt for permanent jewelry to symbolize a life of love and happiness. Or, if you’re like me, you simply love jewelry and it feels cool to have something permanent. 

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How much does it cost to get a permanent bracelet?

The cost of permanent jewelry depends on the retailer and the type of metal and charms you choose. For instance, yellow gold permanent bracelets at Catbird NYC range from $98 to $348. Astrid and Miyu in New York City offers 9K gold bracelets starting at $100 up to $239. Jack and G has permanent necklaces from $85 to $535. 

Can permanent jewelry be removed?

In theory, no. My dainty gold permanent bracelet has been on my wrist for five years and it has never been broken or snagged off. If for any reason you wanted to remove your permanent bracelet, you would need to use a pair of scissors to cut the chain off. We recommend that you save the chain in case you choose to get it re-welded together. 

What are some alternatives to permanent bracelets?

There are alternatives to permanent bracelets that mimic the design but aren't zapped on.

If you aren’t ready to get zapped, plenty of jewelry designers offer similar styles. The John Hardy Dot 4.5mm Bracelet offers the appearance of a permanent bracelet with a discreet push-clasp for easy removal.  

$450 at Nordstrom

The Blue Nile Multicolored Freshwater Cultured Pearl Bracelet is a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift, featuring a sterling silver heart clasp that will be a permanent fixture in anyone’s jewelry box.

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