Why Loewe Is Guaranteed To Be The ‘It’ Brand Of 2023

The name on everyone’s lips for the past few seasons is one half if us don’t even know how to pronounce. We are, of course, talking about Loewe (or “lo-weh-vay”, if you’re in need of a crash course).

Since 2013, when Irish creative director Jonathan Anderson took the helm of the brand, the luxury Spanish maison has been revered as one of the most imaginative and experimental labels in the luxury fashion fold.

Even through the pandemic, Loewe remained firm in their craft-first approach to design and unwavering commitment to working with innovative photographers, referencing avant garde artisans and keeping fashion frivolous.

However, it wasn’t really until the brand’s Spring/Summer 2022 show—the label’s first runway presentation after COVID—that we astutely sat up and paid attention.

Since that show, Loewe has focused on surrealist and experimental designs which are perfectly apt for the uncertain landscape we find ourselves navigating post-pandemic.

Simply put: Loewe has become synonymous with innovative and boundary pushing creations—whether this be a stiletto with a cracked egg heel, the bodice of a dress featuring pursed lips that slightly resembles this not-so-salubrious part of human anatomy, or a phallic-inspired anthurium dress.

Yet, despite the brand being coveted by the celebrity style set and lauded by industry insiders, it is only peripherally known on the mainstream.

So, before the brand blows up even further and begins to saturate every corner of the cultural zeitgeist, we’ve rounded up the eight things you likely didn’t know about Loewe, even if you are a bona fide style savant.

How Do You Pronounce Loewe?

But, before we get into it, we need to address the very important question of how to actually pronounce the label that will soon be selling out.

Loewe themselves are aware of the question mark that hovers over their name and have even taken it upon themselves to share a helpful pronunciation guide.

As aforementioned, it’s pronounced “Lo-weh-vay”. Not “Lo-wee” or even “Low”, but “Low-weh-vay”. Get familairsed with these three syllables, because they will soon become imprinted on your brain.

1. The Brand Is A Melting Pot Of Cultures

Despite showing at Paris Fashion Week, Loewe is anything but a Parisian fashion label. In fact, the brand is actually proudly Spanish, having been founded in Madrid by a group of leather making artisans in 1846. In fact, despite being one of the lesser known luxury maisons, the brand is the oldest house in LVMH’s (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy) stable and one of the oldest fashion labels in the world.

In 1876, 30 years after the brand’s inception, Enrique Loewe Roessberg took control of the brand and consolidated the bohemian group of artisan under one name: his own, Loewe.

It’s this rich heritage that hints at why the brand is pronounced the way it is. Despite its Spanish origins, Rosessberg was of German descent, meaning that Loewe is pronounced as per the German intonation. In German, the ‘W’ sound is pronounced as a ‘V’, hence the “vay” sound in “Lo-Weh-Vay”.

But the shared heritage doesn’t stop there. Jonathan Anderson, the current creative director, was born and raised in Northern Ireland, meaning that the label has touch points all over Western Europe. Truly a modern celebration of multiculturalism.

2. The Brand Is Adored By The Celebrity Style Set

Although the brand has been making ready-to-wear since 1965, the label has only recently been adopted as a go-to to the celebrity style set.

In fact, it’s hard to find a celebrity who hasn’t worked with or worn a Loewe creation in the past few years. Loewe’s regular customers include Harry Styles, Zendaya, Emma Corrin, Timothee Chalamet, Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner.

We’d be here all day if we were to give you a complete rundown of everytime a celebrity stepped out in one of Loewe’s creations, but the brand is certainly a go-to for illustrious A-listers.

Emma Corrin wears Loewe FW/22 at the 2022 Olivier Awards.
This year, Rihanna took the brand to new heights (literally) when she opted for a custom jumpsuit and breastplate from the brand for her 2023 Super Bowl performance.

Not only proof Rihanna has her pulse on the culture (getting the tick of approval from the ultimate bad gal herself is enough to make any brand skyrocket), but the star is clearly keeping things in the family considering her beau A$AP Rocky has previously served as a campaign model for the brand.

Speaking of ambassadors, The Crown’s Josh O’Conner and Bones And All’s Taylor Russell are both currently globally ambassadors for the brand. It’s also not a coincidence that these two actors (who both exist within the Luca Guadagnino universe) work with the brand.
Anderson announced that he is working closely with the Italian director to create costumes for his upcoming films, meaning that Loewe designs will make it to the silver screen and be featured in Guadagnino’s upcoming films: Challengers with Zendaya and Queer with Daniel Craig.

3. Loewe Is No Stranger To Collaborations

Given that Loewe’s ethos is founded on a communal, craft-oriented spirit, there’s no wonder why the brand has continued their penchant for collaborations over three centuries.

On a campaign front, Loewe is known to work with iconic fashion photographers Jurgen Teller and Steven Meisel and cast some pretty iconic (albeit unconventional) models for their campaigns. Anthony Hopkins and Jillian Anderson for Loewe? Iconic.

As far as the brand’s collections go, they don’t stray away from working with others either.

Most recently, Loewe teamed up with internationally-loved animation company Studio Ghibli for a series of bags and clothes inspired by their iconic films like Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited Away. Indeed, their cult-styles like the Puzzle, Flamenco and Balloon bag got an anime-approved makeover.

For ready-to-wear, Loewe has worked with artists including Joe Brainard and Florian Krewer.

4. Loewe Releases An Annual Collection Inspired By This Iconic Boutique

Since 2017, Loewe has released a hedonist resort collection inspired by the iconic Paula’s Ibiza boutique. This store was a mainstay for the jet-set society in the late 80s and early 90s, and regularly frequented by the glitterati upon their pilgrimages to the Balearic archipelago.

Of course, for Loewe, the collection is not just a tie to the brand’s luxurious Spanish origins, but also holds a personal connection to Anderson who regularly frequented the boutique as a child.

The boutique is no longer in operation, but the liberal codes of the Paula’s remain upheld by Loewe in their annual drops, in which each range takes us to a far-flung corner of the globe for an unrestrained celebration of pleasure-seekers.

5. Loewe Is One Of The Biggest Hidden Gems In The Luxury Beauty Sphere

Loewe is not just a ready-to-wear and accessories brand either. Indeed, the brand also dabbles in the beauty sphere through their lines of perfumes and home scents.

Since the 1970s, Loewe has produced perfumes, which they have no doubt refined to a science. Each new release as delectable and covetable as the last.

The ethos of the perfumes complement the vibrant and craft-inspired modus operandi of the brand, with each fragrance is rooted in nature, resulting in either an earthy, floral or sun-kissed experience (dependent on the scent of your choosing).

In 2021, Loewe also launched a line of candles or home scents, inspired by Anderson’s vision of Loewe as “sense of domesticity”.

Rather than your typical fragrance line, these candles are each inspired by plants or vegetables from your own garden, like honeysuckle, cucumber or (if you’re daring) a scent of marijuana.

Aside from perfumes and homescents, the brand also dapples in soaps and home accessories. They’ve not launched any makeup products per say, but if they do, we know they’ll be a sell out.

Luxury Experts Are Dubbing Loewe As The Brand Of 2023

Loewe’s recent meteoric rise wont come as a surprise to any fashion fanatic, but for style novices or new-found savants, experts are already calling Loewe the ‘It’ brand of 2023.

Speaking to luxury fashion sourcer (and personal shopper to the stars) Gab Waller, she revealed her prediction that Loewe will soon be the must-have brand to shop.

“I think Loewe will be the biggest brand of 2023,” Waller explained to ELLE Australia.

“Especially with Rihanna wearing it to the Super Bowl everyone has their eyes on what Jonathan Anderson is doing,” she added.

Don’t be surprised when you see Loewe’s name everywhere.

This Viral Style Has Amassed Over 500 Million Views On TikTok

Speaking of Gab’s celebrity clientele, she also revealed to us that this specific Loewe style has been one of her most popular sourcing request.

It’s basically a sure sell out, and has been spotted on the likes of Taylor Russel, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber already despite only dropping a few months ago.

If you’re in the know, this jacket needs no introduction, but we are, of course, talking about the Loewe puffed leather bomber jacket.

This style had a slow burn, first debuting in the label’s FW/22 show.

Now, you can’t escape it.

The style debuted at number seven on fashion aggregator Lyst’s list of the hottest products of Q4 2022, with the site even reporting the views on the hashtag #LoewePufferJacket was nearly reaching 500 million views at the time of publishing.

8. The Brand Is The Vanguard Of The Avant Garde Movement

Aside from the brand’s dedication to craft and artisanal design, it’s safe to say that Loewe is pioneering the new surrealist movement and is the vanguard of the avant garde.

Anderson isn’t afraid to take a cerebral approach to fashion, and comment on global issues through his fashion choices, whether this be his refusing to abide to the “new normal” post-pandemic or explore the dialogue between the real and the unreal.

Of course, beneath all this he just makes really beautiful clothes. Sure. they’re pieces that challenge you and make you think, but they’re expertly constructed and oh-so gorgeous to look at.

Striking the balance between viral, analytical and covetable design isn’t for the faint hearted, but Anderson isn’t just excelling at it, he’s mastered it.

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